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Sixin Machinery Technology is a machining enterprise engaged in precision parts machining,Has been working for years precision cnc machining、NC lathe machining、Automatic lathe machining、radiator machining,stamping machining。


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Serve has complete specifications——

CNC machining workshop,CNC lathe machining workshop、

Stamping workshop、Radiator module machining workshop、

To meet customers' increasing production capacity and product quality requirements, CNC four-axis machining and CNC five-axis machining are suitable for complex parts machining, reducing the number of repeated clamping and ensuring product quality.

We take“Prevention”versus“Test”Combined methods to control product quality and provide safe and reliable production

Quality control technology,Escort CNC precision machining,Complete your entrustment。

  • Three-dimensional coordinates
    Brand: Edward
    Number of equipment: 1
    Machine stroke: 800 * 1000MM
    The minimum equipment accuracy can be 0.002MM.
  • Thermal module tester
    Brand: Werewolf Technology
    Number of equipment: 1
    Specifications: Six-station cooling module
    100% detection of all heat pipe radiators,
    to simulate the working state of the product,
    and to ensure 100% qualified.
  • Two-dimensional Measurement
    Brand: Zhitai Precision
    Number of equipment: 1
    Machine stroke: 200 * 400MM
    Equipment accuracy can be as small as 0.005MM

Provide value-added services for customers to complete one-stop procurement!

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Dongguan Sixin Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongxu Hardware Factory) was established in July 1996 in DaLang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. It near Songshan Lake Area with convenient transportation. It is a comprehensive high-tech company engaged in precision machinery parts processing, fixture design development and production, radiator design development and production. The main production processes include CNC precision machining, CNC lathe machining, stamping, riveting, assembly, etc. The products are related to industry of medical, communication, Automarket, military, connector, radiator module and other fields.
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